What carriers will do against Juan Hubieres

What carriers will do against Juan Hubieres

Six companies that will operate the Charles de Gaulle corridor will file a lawsuit against the businessman of transportation John Hubieresthe deputy Heriberto AracenaJuan del Carmen de la Rosa and Ricardo de la Cruz for alleged death threats and attempted murder.

Blaudio Guzmanpresident of the Pachi-Tour company, said that the lawsuit will also be for attempted crime, association of malefactors, defamation and insult and other violations of the penal code.

At a press conference the six plaintiffs they expressed that John Hubieres He has dedicated himself, along with the others, to perpetrating a criminal network with groups of people of low reputation with criminal records.

He indicated that the leaders The transport workers are constantly threatened, persecuted and there have even been attempts on their lives, such as the fact that one of Hubieres’ alleged accomplices drew a pistol to kill him during an assembly of the organization he directs. He explained that later his vehicle was hit with two bullets on the driver’s side.

“I am afraid to go out on the street, I am going to ask him here (John Hubieres) that he tries to preserve my life, that he preserves it because my life is at stake, it is because he has people hired to kill me.”

He stated that when it is said that there will be blood in the corridor of the Charles, it is expected that they will exterminate any person to try to find a scapegoat in the future and try to clear themselves of the civil and criminal responsibility that corresponds to them.

The six companies that will present the complaint against Hubieres and others mentioned are: Pachi-Tour, Contrascharles, C-9, Contragu route-60, Tracudecha route -100, Transepevime, route 16 and the transport company TBC88.

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