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What are the requirements for foreign tourists who want to enter Uruguay?

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Uruguay will open its borders to all foreigners starting next Monday, November 1, after more than 19 months closed, although with some exceptions and flexibilities. For this, the government decreed what requirements and measures must tourists meet to enter the country.

This step is part of the second phase of the reopening of national borders, after the entry of foreigners with properties in Uruguay in September.

According to him new decree, “The evolution of the epidemiological situation in the country and expansion of inoculation against SARS CoV-2 virus at a regional and global level, they allow the aforementioned prohibition to be made more flexible, for people who have completed their vaccination scheme or have had the covid-19 disease “.

This is why the government determined that the people who will be able to enter the country are:

1. Foreigners who prove they have the complete vaccination schedule against covid-19 (two doses, or one in the case of single-dose vaccines). The inoculation it must have happened within the nine months prior to shipment to the country and the waiting periods determined to achieve effective immunity (two weeks) must have been met. Compliance with the standard will be verified with the vaccination certificate of each person. Uruguay will accept the vaccines authorized in the country of origin of the person who wants to enter.

2. Foreigners who have had covid-19 between the previous 20 and 90 days upon boarding or arrival in the country. This must be accredited with the document that shows the positive result of the PCR or antigen test.

3. Foreigners under 18 years of age.

Foreigners had been prevented from entering Uruguay since March 24, 2020, when the government decreed the closure of borders.

Sanitary measures

The decree eliminated the mandatory preventive quarantine upon arriving in the country. However, it maintained other previously established sanitary measures, such as present the negative result of a covid-19 test PCR or “other diagnostic techniques approved by the Ministry of Public Health (MSP)”. In addition, it is still mandatory that the test be done no more than 72 hours before the start of the trip and that the person undergoes another swab on the seventh day, counting from the first one.

The only ones who are exempt from presenting the results of a covid-19 test are children under 6 years of age.

Secondly, The form that foreigners must complete before entering the country was updated: will be available on the MSP website and they will have to deliver it by electronic means within 48 hours before shipment. It has the character of a sworn statement and asks foreigners for basic information and contact details, but also a copy of the vaccination certificates and the mandatory test, as well as the place of stay that people will have once they enter the country.

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