What are the poor neighborhoods of Qatar like?  'Youtuber' showed the other side

What are the poor neighborhoods of Qatar like? ‘Youtuber’ showed the other side

Qatar is the country of fashion these days, as it is the headquarters of the 2022 Soccer World Cup. That Asian territory is also known for luxury and its amazing infrastructure.

However, if you believed that there is only wealth and money there, you were wrong.

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After having traveled to Qatar to support the Mexican team in the World Cup, the ‘influencer’ Luisito Comunica published a video on his YouTube account in which he revealed the reality of the poor neighborhoods in that country.

In the video you can see the conditions in which they live migrants and the people who live in the Qatari Industrial area.}

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This place is known for its famous work campswhere they currently live, who were recruited to work on the construction of the stages in which the 2022 World Cup takes place.

The Mexican assures that these places are “deplorable” and commented that the population in Qatar is 3,000,000 inhabitants and only 400,000 of them are Qataris.

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According to the ‘influencer’, around 400 people live in each of the buildings that are part of these camps.

The edition#is, explained, have rooms shared by 10 or more peopleThey do not have showers to clean up, there are rats, clothes and suitcases piled up.

“They directed us to areas that are for showers, but as such they are not: they bathe with buckets. It is deplorable”commented Luisito Comunica.

Slums in Qatar.

Luisito Communicates

The World Cup in Qatar It began on November 20 and will go until December 18. Currently, the tournament is in its phase of quarter finals.

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The tournament has been heavily criticized for allegations of violation of human rights.


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