Paulina Vodanovic (PS) anticipates that the “good faith” with the opposition and the “encouragement” for the constituent agreement “is ending”

The president of the Socialist Party, Paulina Vodanovic, spoke in conversation with The Counter in La Clave the dialogues that have been held for more than three months to guide the second stage of the constituent process. In his opinion, the good atmosphere in the talks is coming to an end.

During the day last Tuesday, the political parties with parliamentary representation met for more than 13 hours to close the negotiations for a new Constitution, however, they did not manage to join positions and postponed the continuity of the meetings until 2:00 p.m. this Wednesday. the dialogues.

In this sense, the PS helmsman pointed out that she arrives at the meeting “with a feeling of frustration, because I think that the good faith and good spirit that has prevailed during these three months is ending, in positions that are quite opposite, or white or black, because here it is a mixed or 100% elected body”.

“For me that is the definition, and it is what we have to decide today as the ruling party plus the Christian Democracy (DC), if we are open to that or not, because obviously it has to do with the legitimacy that this process has in the future,” he added.

Another fundamental point for Vodanovic revolves around the social legitimacy that the new Constitution must have. This, in order not to repeat what happened with the reform of former President Ricardo Lagos to the Magna Carta of 1980.

“The legitimacy is going to be judged not only now or in a couple of years, but with a long time horizon, we do not want it to happen -as it did- with the reform that former president Lagos made in 2005, which in the end was never socially legitimized and people continue to talk about Pinochet’s Constitution, and that happens because the reform was made by a Congress that did not have social legitimacy,” he said.

“We do not want this Constitution, which precisely comes to solve the problem of legitimacy of origin of the 1980s and also to put an end to the subsidiary State for a social and democratic State of law, to lack that legitimacy in the future,” concluded the PS President.

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