Wellitong Grullón affirms opposition will face youth political machinery

Wellitong Grullón affirms opposition will face youth political machinery

Santo Domingo. – Welinton Grullón Mercedes, political leader of the Modern Revolutionary Party and candidate for National Youth President of the party (JRM), led a meeting this Sunday with leaders and youth leaders of the ruling party.

The meeting called “Youth Dialogue of Change” was held at the Club Eugenio María de Hostos, Invivienda starting at 10:00 AM

In the event attended by hundreds of young people, Rafael Green, candidate for president of the Youth of the PRM in the municipality of Santo Domingo Este and his entire structure, launched his aspirations.

Welinton Grullón recognized all the leadership present, while thanking them for their support in the Construction of a strong and united Modern Revolutionary Youth; He stressed that they will continue to promote the change management of President Luis Abinader.

“I will give a message to the opposition: They will not only confront the PRM but also the strongest youth political machinery that the Dominican Republic has given birth to,” said Grullón Mercedes.

During the event, deputies Amado Díaz and Gilberto Balbuena and councilors Miguel Fortuna, Julio García, Yosanty Santana were present. As well as Adán Peguero, municipal president of the SDE municipality; Julio Feliz, director of Promipyme of SDE; Altagracia Julia Drullard, governor; Andrés Matos, in charge of Communications at Sisalril; Aurelina Linares, director of the Almirante market; Ramona Pujols, leader of the PRM, among others

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