Arequipeño donates its organs and helps improve 6 lives

Arequipeño donates its organs and helps improve 6 lives

A 32-year-old Arequipa citizen donated his organs after he died so that 6 people can have a better quality of life. The specialists did an arduous job for this purpose, since there is only a maximum time of 4 hours for them to be reimplanted.

“We thank the relatives of the patient for this humanitarian act that will save the lives of six people who have been waiting for an organ, the Minister of Defense, José Luis Gavidia, for this articulation between institutions to transfer the organs from Arequipa to Lima and our specialists for their work”, the executive president of EsSalud, Alegre Raúl Fonseca Espinoza, told the media.

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The authority of the Social Security of Health stated that the division of the organs occurred as follows: the heart was referred to the National Heart Institute- INCORa part of the liver and the lungs to the Guillermo Almenara hospital, while the other part of the liver stayed at Rebagliati to be implanted in a 1-year-old boy.

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“The medical feat is that the liver, which is large, has been split in two. The smallest segment is for a child under one year old and the largest for a 30-year-old adult. This technique is called split and it is the second time it has been successfully performed in the country to save two lives with a single organ.”, said one of the doctors in charge of the reimplantation.


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