We were sisters of the same pain, recalls Celia Piedra

We were sisters of the same pain, recalls Celia Piedra

▲ We weren’t ready, but she taught us, says Committee co-founder ¡Eureka!Photo Sergio Ocampo Arista

Sergio Ocampo-Arista


Newspaper La Jornada
Monday, April 18, 2022, p. 8

Chilpancingo, Gro., For me, Rosario was more than my sister, and I think also for all the compañeras, because thanks to her we also fight, because she taught us. We were ignorant, we were not prepared for these things, we did not know where to startsaid through tears Celia Piedra, co-founder of the Committee ¡Eureka!

Doña Celia, 78 years old, a native of San Jerónimo de Juárez, on the Costa Grande de Guerrero, assured that Rosario Ibarra I loved her and I love her very much, and always as long as I live I will remember her.

-Did they manage to rescue the disappeared?

-Yes, some who were in Military Camp number 1, like Elda Nevárez, Laura Gaytán Saldívar.

Elda, Laura and their brother Armando were from Chihuahua, they belonged to the Revolutionary Armed Movement; They told me that they went to train in North Korea, that they did not give them a passport to leave and that they secretly got married, and left. But when they returned, things went wrong. Her brother to date does not appearnarrated.

–What do you remember about Rosario?

-She told me that she was neither poor nor rich, but that she was left without a family when she started looking for her son, Jesús. She told me that many nights she cried thinking if her son had already eaten or if she was fine.

He commented that he met Rosario Ibarra “when we began the fight, when (President) Luis Echeverría visited Atoyac de Álvarez, from there we began to fight.

“Rosario told me that once they were students from the Autonomous University of Guerrero (UAG) in Puebla and she asked them if they knew me and they said yes, and how would she go about talking to me. They told her to call the UAG and that they would be on the phone; and I went to the phone, and she told me ‘I want you to come to Mexico’, she had just arrived from Monterrey and she gave me the name of the neighborhood and the house number.

“When we arrived, he opened the door for us and my daughter Melina, who was 8 years old, hugged her and said ‘aunt, aunt’, and Rosario replied ‘I’m not your aunt, but I’m the sister of your mother with the same pain, so yes, from now on I’m your aunt’, and that’s where our friendship began”.

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