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“We sink into shit”: Silverio Portal protests against the regime from a puddle

MIAMI, United States. – The former Cuban political prisoner Silverio Portal Contreras starred in another new protest against the regime this Friday, when he appeared sitting in the middle of a puddle with a sign that read “We sink in shit. Freedom”.

“This is the filthy street that exists in one of the neighborhoods of Cuba,” added on facebook by posting your photo sui generis protest.

In June 2018, after holding a peaceful protest in Havana, Portal Contreras was sentenced to four years in prison for the alleged crimes of “disrespect” and “public disorder.”

In 2019, several international organizations such as the European Parliament and the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights demanded his release. Finally, in December 2020 the activist was released under extrapenal leave due to his delicate state of health.

However, a year later the Cuban regime revoked his freedom and sent him back to prison despite his health problems.

In fact, in April 2021after receiving an urgent official summons to appear before the Judge of Execution of the Municipal Court of La Lisa, the Cuban opponent had denounced that the regime authorities were looking for a way to “drag him back to prison.”

“Right now I am in front of the 1580 prison, where I am going to enter after being sentenced by State Security to four years in prison. He was on extra-penal leave for having suffered ischemia and a cerebral infarction. I still don’t feel well and I fear for my health and physical integrity in prison,” said the opponent shortly before entering prison, in November 2021.

(Full photo of the protest of the Silverio Portal protest)

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