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CNDH issues recommendation for displaced Tarahumaras

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Newspaper La Jornada
Saturday May 28, 2022, p. eleven

For violating their human rights and not providing care to 120 victims of internal forced displacement in the Sierra Tarahumara, five of whom were murdered, the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) addressed recommendation 96/2022 to the governor of Chihuahua , María Eugenia Campos Galván; the attorney general of that entity, Roberto Fierro Duarte, as well as the mayors of Uruachi and Guazapares, Marcelo Rascón Félix and Joel Bustillos Ramírez, respectively.

The CNDH documented that the victims belonged to three family groups, linked by blood, as well as by affinity, who lived in the community of El Manzano, located in Uruachi, and in Monterde, municipality of Guazapares.

It was proven that, due to various acts of violence and threats perpetrated against them, between 2015, 2016 and 2019 the victims were forced to leave their communities due to the failure of state authorities to provide them with protection and security.

In addition, during this period, theft, damage and theft of possessions and properties of various members of these family groups were recorded.

Regarding the analysis of the investigation of the different acts of violence denounced carried out by the state prosecutor’s office, it was observed that several investigation folders present irregularities and there is a delay in the proceedings to clarify the facts.

Given this, the CNDH asked the state governor and the municipal presidents of Uruachi and Guazapares to carry out a census that corroborates the number of direct and indirect victims, in order to apply a comprehensive care plan to those affected, as well as carry out a diagnosis. of the current situation of insecurity in the two municipalities to implement a care plan.

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