"We missed a historic opportunity": FA adds critical voices in its internal for ceding the Congress of Mayors to the National Party

"We missed a historic opportunity": FA adds critical voices in its internal for ceding the Congress of Mayors to the National Party

Despite the defense issued on Friday by the president of the Broad Front, Fernando Pereira, and the three communal chiefs of the political force –Carolina Cosse, Yamandú Orsi and Andrés Lima–, In the structure of the left-wing coalition, voices criticized the decision to cede the presidency of the Congress of Mayors to the National Party..

Both the delegates for the bases of the interior as well as the sector of Salta Andrés Lima and the Astorism raised a cry in the sky regarding the resolution agreed in the Seregni Footprint two weeks agowhich led to Fernando Echeverría from Flores assuming ownership of the organization instead of one of the three frontist mayors.

The referent for the South Center regional, Francisco Alves (from Durazno), confirmed to The Observer his position that “it would have been convenient to have the presidency of the Congress of Mayors”, although he immediately clarified: “We expressed that we thought differently, but we understand that it was an agreed decision.”

Silvia Betancor, from the coastal region – and a native of Salto – also raised her discrepancies before the Political Table. “It was an opinion of the bases of the interior reflected in their position of national leaders, but it is an issue that has already been resolved, that does not give us a problem,” she confided to The Observer. “The vision of the interior is that all of us who are active feel supported in our departments with a presidency of the Congress (of Mayors), and if it is from our force, better. But let it be very clear that we abide by the decision,” he said.

The Salta representative said that the bases of the interior asked that they always be “communicated in unity and that the resolutions that are taken in a short time can be consulted with the interior.”

During the Political Table this Monday, José Maldonado, leader of the Federal League, a sector that integrates the mayor of Salta Andrés Lima, also took the floor. Maldonado confirmed to The Observer his positioning: “The FA needs unity more than ever and also a lot of generosity, particularly with the teammates from inside and deep inside. Giving the National Party the presidency of the Congress of Mayors was not a good idea. The three teammates (Orsi, Cosse and Lima) are excellent and we lost a historic opportunity.”he stated.

as he learned The Observerthe delegate to the Board for Astorism, Carlos Varela Ubalexpressed himself on Monday along the same lines as the senator from his sector, José Carlos Mahía, who had told La Diaria that what happened on Thursday had been “an error only attributable to ourselves.”

After a heated back and forth with the white mayors in the plenary session of Congress on Thursday, the frontista community leaders and Fernando Pereira signed a statement: “We do not accept that the National Party, breaking the weather in full collaboration and agreement, that in institutional matters the Congress of Mayors has been created, intends to impose its criteria on another political force, in this case the Broad Front”.

The hierarchs recalled that their proposal to divide the presidency into six months – an Orsi semester and another Cosse – already had a direct precedent in 2018, despite the refusal of the whites. On that date, Adriana Peña (Lavalleja) and Marne Osorio (Rivera) had shared the management over the course of the year. “The precedent showed a totally legal scenario that did not pose any type of impediment, as it happened”they insisted. “This is not a dispute about charges, but about political criteria and principles, the full independence of each political force.”

The Fuerza Renovadora deputy had already come to the crossroads of the decision: “Manual case of putting personal interests before collectives. We can and must give more, girl,” he wrote on Twitter a few minutes after the news broke. On Friday morning, the former mayor of the Canary Islands, Marcos Carámbula, said on TV Ciudad that after obtaining Orsi’s version, and “in light of the fronts,” the measure “was a setback.”

“We have to have the breadth, the generosity to say ‘well, let’s agree and move on. It has always been our characteristic, to agree beyond the fact that each one always has their orientations and personal aspirations that are very legitimate, very legitimate, but first of all there is the project, which is that of the Uruguayan people,” he declared in an interview with Ciudad Viva.

Orsi’s first substitute in the Canelones Mayor’s Office, Marcelo Metediera (Communist Party) did not remain silent either: “What happened in the Mayor’s Congress and the discussion of his presidency hurts,” he wrote on Twitter. “Collective objectives must always be above any situation or individual aspiration.”

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