"We have enormous potential and we need to develop equal opportunities"

"We have enormous potential and we need to develop equal opportunities"

The commissioning of the works of the 25 de Mayo Transformer Plant will allow improvements in the supply of electricity.

The Governor of Buenos Aires, Axel Kicillof, affirmed that in the province of Buenos Aires “we have enormous potential and future” and warned that “what we need is to develop equal opportunities”, when signing an agreement for the reactivation of the works of the Plant Transformative May 25.

The Buenos Aires president made statements after signing the agreement with the National Secretary of Energy, Darío Martínez, and the Undersecretary of Electric Energy, Federico Basualdo, for the reactivation of the works of the Transforming Plant 25 de Mayo of 500/132 Kv, in the municipality of 25 de Mayo.

The commissioning of the works will allow improvements in the supply of electricity Y a cheaper service for the benefit of a million inhabitants, industries and businesses in the central area of ​​the province of Buenos Aires.

In the act alsoThey included the Minister of Infrastructure and Public Services, Leonardo Nardini; the Buenos Aires Undersecretary of Energy, Gastón Ghioni; and the local mayor, Hernán Ralinqueo.

From the station site, located about 12 kilometers from the party headquarters, Kicillof stressed that “this is a central work for the Province that, like so many others, was planned a long time ago, started and then stopped“.

With the support of the National Government, we resolved the debts and administrative problems to reactivate itbecause we came to finish all the works that are needed to improve the quality of life of the people of Buenos Aires,” he added.

Kicillof expressed that “we know that there are those who believe that the Province is unviable due to its size and productive diversity” and pointed out that “for us it is quite the opposite: we have enormous potential and future and what we need is to develop equal opportunities.”

This work represents the reparation of an injustice in a region that lacked energy security to prop up industry and production growth,” the governor stressed.

The work, which had begun in 2017 and was later stoppedwill be finalized between the Nation and the Province.

the new plant will have a transformation capacity of 600 MVA to 132 Kv and it will be ready to receive two additional 500 Kv lines, allowing the dispatch of electricity in towns such as Saladillo, Chivilcoy and Lobos.

Martinez, For his part, he affirmed that “it is a very important day because, after resolving all the conflicts that were generated when the works were paralyzed, we are restarting the works to reach the length and breadth of the country with energy.”

This work is emblematic because it provides stability to the entire region, making industry and work feasible and strengthening the energy system of a country that demands more and more energy.“, said.

While, Basualdo assured that “this work is central for the west and center of the province of Buenos Aires, since it will allow the development of greater industrial and commercial capacity for the benefit of the districts of the area”.

Along these lines, he argued that “we are going to continue working on the energy infrastructure development plan that allows the consolidation of the process of economic growth that the National Government is promoting”.

For its part, the mayor Ralinqueo He remarked that “this station is going to repower our municipality and the central region of the province of Buenos Aires, generating more capacity for industry, commerce and the roots of young people.”

“From the daily articulation with the provincial government, today we have the largest investment in infrastructure in the last 20 years on May 25″said.

The governor also assured that “This plant will provide equal opportunities for greater equity and integration of the province of Buenos Aires” and pointed out that “it is an expensive, complex work that takes a long time, but fundamental when we think about the future of the people of Buenos Aires”.

Within the framework of the act, the authorities visited the property where the construction of the House of the Province is progressingwhich will house provincial organizations and improve care for the residents of 25 de Mayo, and the Lebensohn access works, where concreting work is carried out on the section that joins the La Mulita and La Cruz roundabouts.

This infrastructure project includes the stabilization of the road that connects Mamaguita, San Enrique and National Route 205, one of the most complex areas of the district.

Also participating were the Chief of Advisors to the Governor, Carlos Bianco; the Buenos Aires senator Eduardo Bucca; Provincial Deputy Walter Abarca; mayors of the region; and municipal authorities.

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