International Women's Congress closes today

International Women’s Congress closes today

The Minister of Women and Gender Equality, Diva Guzmán, highlighted in the plenary of the XVII Congress of the International Democratic Federation of Women, that one of the great advances for Venezuela is that progress was achieved in accordance with the training cooperation of the women’s movements in the world, to strengthen the evolution of Venezuelan women.

“We have exchanged the experiences of the leading and revolutionary process that the leadership of Venezuelan women has and they have shown great interest,” said Guzmán.

Likewise, it reported that the debates were closed in the different work tables with the participation of Venezuelan women, where it was possible to listen and learn about the proposals on the role of women in the pandemic, women in inequalities and health issues.

Yesterday, during the plenary session of the rapporteurship of the working tables, several political documents were approved, among them a special resolution in support of the demand for the reunification of Cyprus, a declaration of solidarity with the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean and another in solidarity with African women victims of conflicts and the actions of terrorist groups.

Similarly, anti-imperialist women from around the world gathered in Caracas “unite for peace and call for the dissolution of NATO.”

They also gave their approval to the documents related to the role and actions of the International Democratic Federation of Women (IDF) in the current era, the impact of the pandemic on the lives of women, the impact of the imperialist offensive on the lives of women and peoples, a global agenda for young women, the human rights of women in all areas, the fight of women against inequalities at work, in health, in maternity protection and against the capitalism that generates them.

This group of agreements and points discussed in the six working groups and approved in the plenary will allow them to build a single political document and an action plan that can be executed as proposed. Both will be approved today at the close of the meeting in Caracas.

The approval of the statutory reform and the designation and proclamation of the new FDIM World Committee are also expected, after the selection of the secretariat and presidency of the federation.

More than 300 delegates attend the Congress.

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