“We had problems of coexistence”: Aída Victoria Merlano suspended financial aid to the Chocoano leader whom she sponsored

“We had problems of coexistence”: Aída Victoria Merlano suspended financial aid to the Chocoano leader whom she sponsored

Aída Victoria Merlano, influencer.

“I feel very offended and very hurt …”, said the instagrammer.

Colombia News.

From this moment on, I am going to take away my financial support,” Aída Victoria Merlano announced about a young Chocoano leader to whom she offered her help a couple of months ago when she learned that he had been threatened.

The young woman from Barranquilla sponsored him and promised to pay for his law studies at a university in Barranquilla.

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For this gesture, the instagrammer was applauded on social networks, however, today it was learned that the help he gave Christian in the first instance “come to an end.”

As revealed by Merlano, there were some differences on the issue of coexistence with the Chocoano leader.

The young influencer said that the problems she had with the young man were not transcendental but something that caused her a lot of discomfort.

“Things like leaving the air on or taking my things without permission,” Merlano detailed.

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She continued her story contrando that as Christian wanted to live in Medellín, she suggested that he return to the city of eternal spring to continue his studies: «I help you with the pension, with the University and I stay here in Barranquilla», express.

Merlano continued with his narration, expressing that he received some advice from close friends who suggested that “he could not give people fish but teach them how to fish”, implying that he could not give everything to the young man and that he should teach him to get his own things.

The daughter of former senator Aída Merlano added that Christian allegedly misbehaved with her: “This person has begun to speak ill of me, things that have offended me and that are very delicate,” he said.

“He said that I had helped him by rating and that I had sent him to the m ***,” added the influencer annoyed.

Aída Victoria assured that she had heard from other people that the young man had said delicate things about her.

Here are their statements:

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