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Maranhão resumes São João festivities from May 27

The stingrays are back. After two years without official parties because of the pandemic, São João Maranhão already has a date to start. The opening will be at the end of the month, the 27th. The location? St. Louis. The festivities are “juninos”, but the arraiás will continue throughout the month of June and go until the last day of July, in the capital and in several cities in the interior of Maranhão. Maranhão resumes São João festivities from May 27

More than 800 attractions are scheduled and the forecast is for around 450 thousand visitors during the festive period. In addition to the bumba boi groups, as they are called here in Maranhão, dance groups, quadrilles and attractions already expected, there will also be an “arraial do povo de Deus”, aimed especially at the evangelical public. The State Secretary of Culture, Paulo Victor, said that the differential of this year’s festivities will also be the reactivation of the local economy. It’s just that instead of more expensive presentations from other states, the priority will be for artists from Maranhão.

And the money for the party is already guaranteed. In all, R$ 25 million will be released with the festivities, but the forecast is to offset this amount with the revenue from the economic and tourist movement in Maranhão.

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