“We focus on unmet needs”

“We focus on unmet needs”

According to María E. Gesualdi from Janssen, the goal is to find effective therapeutic alternatives

For María Eugenia Gesualdi, senior manager of Communications, Public Affairs and Advocacy at Janssen Pharmaceutical, there are still unmet medical needs in diseases such as cancer.

During a special visit to the newspaper elCaribe, the Argentine executive expressed that they have a single objective and that is that evils such as cancer are eradicable. “Our great aspiration is that diseases are a thing of the past. It sounds quite utopian, but that’s what we’re working for”, Gesualdi said emphatically.

therapeutic areas

Among the six therapeutic areas in which they focus are: oncology, hematology, infectious diseases, cardiovascular and metabolism.

According to Gesualdi, its portfolio includes products, mainly for prostate cancer, as well as lung cancer and bladder cancer treatments. “Our vision is to accompany the patient throughout the entire stay of his illness,” she said.

While in the area of ​​hematology he stated: “We focus on blood cancer, fundamentally multiple myeloma (cancer that affects white blood cells called plasma cells)”.

Therapeutic alternatives

Each of the alternatives they use, he assured, have the function of prolonging and improving the quality of life of patients. Today, Gesualdi said, they have drugs capable of interrupting the carcinogenic process of some types of cancer.

“We are working on transformational science. Chemo versus a pill that really came to change the patient’s quality of life”, shared the executive.

For example, he highlighted that the patient with multiple myeloma responds effectively to his drug. “That’s called innovation.”

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