"We are still Nicaraguans," says the second group of stateless people, nationalized Spaniards

“We are still Nicaraguans,” says the second group of stateless people, nationalized Spaniards

After the government of Spain nationalized another 14 Nicaraguans, declared stateless by the Daniel Ortega regime, the opponents thanked the administration of Pedro Sánchez, and at the same time affirmed that they continue to demand justice and freedom for their country, Nicaragua.

The Spanish authorities published the second list of beneficiaries. The Official State Gazette (BOE) includes the agreements reached at the meeting of government delegates on Tuesday, 23.

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After knowing the news, this Wednesday, May 24, the human rights defender Haydee Castillo pointed out, in an interview Article 66, that the action by Spain, in favor of the political exiles, “is a very worthwhile humanitarian gesture, and in this way it is sending a message to the regime —of Nicaragua—, reminding it that nationality is a right with which it is born”.

“No regime or government can take away our right to nationality because that is how it is conceived in the universal declaration of human rights,” added the opposition member.

14 more Nicaraguans are nationalized by Spain

For his part, the political analyst Eliseo Nunezincluded in the list of nationalized, expressed his “deep gratitude” to the Government of Spain because he assures that this benefit greatly helps opponents who were stripped of their Nicaraguan nationality.

At the same time, he said that with the support of Spain, “a defeat for —Daniel— Ortega is being reaffirmed because the international community is not accepting the type of policy that Spain has, even Spain went further, saying that anyone who declared stateless by Ortega, they are going to act in the same way.”

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“I think this makes it clear to Ortega that what he is doing with the people of Nicaragua is not acceptable, and that the way in which he is perpetuating himself in power is not acceptable either,” said the former deputy.

“Enormous gesture of solidarity”

For the member of the political council of the Blue and White National Unity Hector Marinathe «gesture of solidarity from Spain is enormous and very concrete, because from the first moment it offered nationality to the 222 Nicaraguans, released and exiled, on February 9, and six days later it made the same offer to another 94 who were dispossessed of nationality”.

In turn, he stressed that this action reflects “the repudiation of the dictatorship of Daniel Ortega for his screwing to power based on crimes and repression.”

“I think this has great meaning for all of us who have been victims of the Ortega dictatorship. Now we must continue fighting, since this —nationalization— gives us protection, legal coverage, but it does not mean that we stop being Nicaraguans; Ortega’s dictatorship has no legitimacy or moral authority to strip us of our nationality,” the opponent stressed.

Another of the beneficiaries of Spain was the human rights defender Gonzalo Carrion, director of the Nunca Más Nicaragua Human Rights Collective, who said that he never expected this scenario, where the Ortega dictatorship took away his nationality, for which he had to resort to the support of another country.

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«I did not expect that a day like today would dawn in Europe, with the offer of Spain made a reality (…) after the arbitrary stripping of my nationality, and I receive this with mixed feelings because it is five years of intense repression and I am still out of my country in defense of human rights,” said Carrión.

In accordance with Royal Decree 383/2023 these are the 14 Nicaraguans who receive Spanish nationality by naturalization card:

  1. Desiree Guadalupe Elizondo Cabrera.
  2. Dora Maria Tellez Arguello.
  3. Sweet Maria Porras Aguilar.
  4. Edipcia Juliana Dubón Castro.
  5. Eliseo Fabio Nunez Morales.
  6. Elvira Auxiliadora Cuadra Lira.
  7. Gerardo José Baltodano Cantarero.
  8. Guillermo Gonzalo Carrion Maradiaga.
  9. Harry Bayardo Chavez Cerda.
  10. Haydee Isabel Castillo Flores.
  11. Hector Ernesto Mairena.
  12. Irvin Isidro Larios Sanchez.
  13. Issa Moises Hassan Morales.
  14. Hugo Ramon Rodriguez Flores.

In this second group there are exiled political prisoners, leaders of the Unión Democrática Renovadora (Unamos), human rights defenders, political analysts, a businessman and former guerrillas of the Sandinista National Liberation Front, today critics of the Ortega-Murillo dictatorship.

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