Almost a century of women: mothers for life

May 26, 2023, 8:00 AM

May 26, 2023, 8:00 AM

A beautiful graph presents four generations of moms made up of Isabel Saavedra Añez, Ana María Terrazas Saavedra, Viviana Landívar Terrazas and Michelle Álvarez Landívarthe clan was reinforced with the arrival of Antonella Terceros Álvarez, 10 years ago, who gave her the privileged title of being a great-great-grandmother to the first. Today she leads this tribute to the women and mothers of Santa Cruz and Bolivia.

Distinguished nonagenarian lady Isabel Saavedra, the matriarch of the clan is a well-known woman in the country for her human warmth, noble work of social action and solidarity with those most in need, civic fighter and outstanding councilor who worked for the good of Santa Cruz. A distinguished name of an exemplary lady who proudly bears the character of a woman from Santa Cruz, honest, hard-working and devoted to her family.

She was president of the Women’s Civic Committee for two terms, from 1977 to 1978 and from 1978 to 1979. She promoted the elaboration of the Internal Regulations of the civic entity and countless activities in favor of women, children and education. She was a municipal councilor for Santa Cruz de la Sierra, between 1988 and 1990. In 2012 she was awarded by the Government of Santa Cruz with the “Mburubicha Kuña 2012”, one of the recognitions he has received for his laudable work.

Bolivian Mother’s Day is celebrated on May 27. On a day like today, 211 years ago, one of the most heroic and sublime pages in the history of our country was written, courageous women from Cochabamba sealed the will to freedom with their blood. On a hill today known as La Coronilla, hundreds of women died at the hands of royalist forces. In homage to that value is that this date is remembered. Since then, each Bolivian celebrates the being that gave them life, grateful for the miracle of motherhood.

From Para Ellas, happy day to all those women who have given birth, those who have adopted children giving them the opportunity to have a family, those who raise children that are not their own and exert a positive influence on them, those women who for some reason have not had the opportunity to raise children, you are also mothers by divine potential and design.

Women, we need you! We truly need your strength, your conversion, your conviction, their ability to lead, their wisdom and their voices!

Thank you for carrying out such a lofty responsibility with infinite love and unwavering strength!Almost a century of women: mothers for life

Isabel is Antonella’s great-great-grandmother

Isabel Saavedra Añez (94): “God blessed me with four wonderful children full of love who accompany me every day. I have transmitted love and solidarity; they in turn pour out their generous donation to those in need. That is my legacy: Love, solidarity and kindness towards our fellow men. It is a blessing and a privilege to get to know my great-great-granddaughter and see her grow full of virtues with the example that is passed on to her in the family. Happy Mother’s Day!”

Ana Maria Terrazas (75): “Being a mother is loving unconditionally. The wonderful gift of giving life was given to us by God, who loves us so much and gave us the greatest joy with the being of our entrails. I have five children and I bless their lives and that of their children, my grandchildren and great-grandchildren every day. They are grown and are a blessing. I have a mother, a wonderful 94-year-old woman, who is the beacon and the star that illuminates us all. Happy Mother’s Day Saavedra!”

Viviana Landívar Terrazas (54): The blessing of being a mother is the most beautiful gift I have received from God. When I had the joy of being a grandmother, it was double joy, it is an incomparable feeling. Having my mom and my grandmother is a great gift, they are incredible women who show us the great value of family. The example of love and service in the family is appreciated by the example of my aunts, cousins ​​and sisters, women and mothers with a heart devoted to their children. My great-grandmother, Adelaida McKenney, would get us together once a week, then my maternal and paternal grandmothers would gather everyone to unite family ties between uncles, cousins, nephews, grandchildren. Life is not easy, it is beautiful and with the support of the family it is the best. God bless the women and mothers of the world!

Michelle Alvarez Landivar (31): “My family is a legacy of wonderful mothers, they gave me an excellent example to be able to raise my beloved daughter Antonella, the greatest and purest love is that of a mother for her children. I have a beautiful legacy that spills over from my great-grandmother Isabel Saavedra, my grandmother Ana María Terrazas and my beloved mother, Viviana Landívar, I promise to transmit their values ​​and good teachings to my daughter, who is happy living and enjoying the eternal love of the women in my family. God bless all the moms on his day!”

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