We are going to have an expanded basic income for those who are going hungry: Federico Gutiérrez closed his campaign

The presidential elections in Colombia they approach and candidates finish campaigning to invite all citizens to vote for them.

This time it was the turn of Federico Gutierrezwho met more than 20,000 people in Barranquilla. The paisa was applauded in the middle of his speech that lasted approximately 30 minutes.

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During his speech several shouted “yes you can”. Later, Gutiérrez assured that everyone got tired of “Hate speeches, that same speech that they took to countries like Venezuela and Nicaragua. Let’s not get tangled up anymore and let’s not fill ourselves with hate.”

As he developed his speech, I was inviting all Colombians to join as a country and thanked each of those present and assured that, with Rodrigo Lara, his vice-presidential formula, he will win the next elections to be held on May 29. “Let’s go with everything,” she said.

Then he started talking about some of his proposals and assured that it will focus on the social side.

“In our government, all of us together in my Presidency, we are going to have a extended basic income to five million Colombian households that today are enduring hunger, no one is going to endure hunger in Colombia, because that can’t happen.”

Saying this, he assured that he comes from a middle class familyto “worker” and was neither wealthy nor political. Therefore, she insisted that she will be the president of the youth and one of his challenges will be education in Colombia.

On the other hand, he stressed that it will cover three million older adults with allowances of $330,000. Likewise, it will look for a way to reduce energy rates in the Atlantic.

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“There is no right that families on the coast end up paying the highest rates, knowing that in addition to logical needs it has to consume more for our climate”.

Before concluding his speech, he referred to the infiltrations in his campaign, assuring that the other candidates are “desperate because they know that we are going to win the Presidency in a democracy,” said Federico Gutiérrez.


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