Wayuu Indians hunted and cut the fin off a bull shark in La Guajira

Wayuu Indians hunted and cut the fin off a bull shark in La Guajira

Many people have in their imagination that sharks are dangerous animals and that it is usual for them to attack bathers if they come across one. However, experts have repeatedly clarified that this is not the case.

The professor of Climate Change and Environmental Health of the Universidad Javeriana and Universidad del Rosario and spokesperson for the Fundación Movimiento Ambientalista Colombiano, Camilo Prietoassured that, “Sharks are not our enemies.”

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In dialogue with RCN Worldthe expert pointed out that according to the historical records of shark attacks that have occurred since 1580, until now 814 have been documented, of which 133 people have died.

For this reason, the event recorded this Wednesday in La Guajira has caused so much outrage on social networks. This is the case of some Wayúu fishermen who hunted and cut the fin of a bull shark.

In the images captured on the edge of the corregimiento Carrizal, in Alta Guajira, it is evident how the indigenous fishermen have the shark of about 2.5 meters long on the floor already dead.

Before the eyes of other residents, among whom there are some minors, it is evident that they are cutting the fin of the specimen.

The Regional Autonomous Corporation of La Guajira (Corpoguajira) rejected the fact and made a call to protect the species, remembering that people can be fined for actions like this.

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