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October 7, 2022
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Water megacut in the RM: authorities warn that “the centers, institutions or commerce cannot function” without the supply

As a result of the works of Metro de Santiago for the new Line 7, Aguas Andinas scheduled a “mega cut” of the supply that will affect eight districts of the Metropolitan region during the next week.

According to the company, the interruption of service will take place between Wednesday, October 12 at 3:00 p.m. and will last until 6:00 a.m. on Thursday 13.

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Given this, the superintendent of Sanitary Services, Jorge Rivas, warned that the business will not be able to operate if there is no water available.

“The centers, institutions, or businesses cannot operate if they do not have water. Therefore, once the cut occurs at 3:00 p.m., that place or business cannot function,” he reported.

In any case, he clarified that those who do have water will be able to serve the public normally. “There are some that have their own sources, and from that point of view, they can continue to operate,” he said.

According to Aguas Andinas, the communes that will be affected by the supply cut are Maipú, Cerrillos, Quinta Normal, Lo Prado, Santiago, Pudahuel, Estación Central and Cerro Navia.

Water megacut in the RM: authorities warn that "the centers, institutions or commerce cannot function" without the supply

That is why the company’s Director of Clients and Commercial Development, Eugenio Rodríguez, announced that there will be 96 water tanks that will deliver the supply and that they will be distributed in the eight districts mentioned above. Likewise, there will be 35 cistern trucks, which will support health institutions.

In addition, it reported the existence of 96 drinking water supply points, which will be distributed in the eight affected communes:

1. Manuel Rodriguez/Orphans

2. Amunategui 980

3. Toesca 2351

4. Claudio Gay/Bascuñán Guerrero

5. Father Felipe Gómez de Vidaurre/Supreme Court

6. Sanfuentes Republic/Salvador

7. Abate Molina/Salvador Sanfuentes

8. Sazié/Liberation Army

9. Eighteen/Father Diego de Rosales

10. Liberation Army/Domeyko

11. Mapocho Ave./Libertad

12. Andes/Admiral Barroso

13. Cathedral/Admiral Barroso

14. Erasmus Escala/Hope

15. Erasmo Escala/Cienfuegos

16. Chacabuco/Roses

17. Ricardo Cumming/Av. Mapocho

18. Cathedral/General Bulnes

19. Erasmo Escala/General Bulnes

20. Orphans/Blacksmith

21. Father Vicente Irarrázaval/Av. Railway

22. Toro Mazote/Garcia de Cáceres

23. Father Vicente Irarrázaval/Veterans of 79

24. Garcia de Caceres/Orompello

25. Transit / The Gladioli

26. Manuel Thompson/Recess

27. Titan/The Araucarias

28. Laguna Torca/Av. The park

29. Manuel Chacon/Agustin Riesco

30. Tacna/Av. Bishop Manuel Umana

31. Ambassador Quintana/Abtao

32. Ambassador Quintana/Council

33. Central Street (in front of Parroquia)

34. Avenue 3/Cartagena Street

35. 4th Avenue/Martín de Solier Street

36. Buzeta Avenue/8th Avenue

37. San Andres Street/6th Avenue

38. San Andres Street/Avenue 2

39. River Breezes/Santa Adriana

40. Holm oak 4447

41. Samuel Izquierdo/Janequeo

42. Heriberto Rojas/Samuel Izquierdo

43. San Pablo/Radal

44. Transit/Jose Besa

45. Lo Espinoza/October 12

46. ​​Jose Tobias/Ambassador Gomez

47. Lastenia Zúñiga/New Plato

48. Abtao/New Imperial

49. Progress / Vicuna Rosas

50. Radal/Av. Mapocho

51. Martinez de Rosas/Radal

52. Mapocho Ave./Walker Martinez

53. Victorino Laynez/Orphans

54. Round of Children / El Meli

55. The Frigatebirds/The Seagulls

56. Lazarini/Azores Island

57. The Retamos / Vicuña Rosas

58. Petersen/Salvador Gutierrez

59. USA/Tomás Alba Edison

60. Sara Gajardo/The Alpatacal

61. July 3/Salvador Gutierrez

62. February 5/Siberia

63. Ambrosio O’Higgins/Av. Mapocho

64. Boroa/Douro River

65. Caleuche/Baker River

66. Galvarino/Sergeant Candelaria

67. The Star/The African

68. Lazarini/Lisbon

69. Av. Mapocho/Galo González

70. Father Las Casas/Father Liam Holoham

71. Jose Joaquin Perez/USA.

72. Slip / The Chapel

73. From Consistorial 6645 (Municipality of Cerro Navia)

74. The Clarines/The Acacias (Square)

75. July 9/Saturn

76. Gabriela Mistral/Eduardo Llanos

77. Warsaw/Ukraine

78. San Pablo 5959 (Lo Prado Municipality)

79. Antarctic Territory/Pardo Villalón

80. Saint Paul 5797

81. Dorsal/The Towers

82. Santa Marta/Rib

83. Ricardo Vial/Gabriela Mistral

84. Antarctic Territory/General Buendía

85. Gabriela Mistral/Honduras (Neighborhood Unit No. 5)

86. Laguna Sur Ave./Av. The star

87. Laguna Sur Ave./Drake Sea

88. Writer Pedro Prado/Valparaiso

89. Curacautín/Pje. The Frame

90. Federico Errazuriz/Av. Saint Paul

91. San Francisco/Av. The star

92. The mayors / Oidor Sancho

93. Federico Errazuriz/San Daniel

94. Av. Laguna Sur/Isla Grande Tierra del Fuego

95. Av. La Estrella/El Cobre

96. Casa Viejas Road/El Olivo Road

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