Senate approves support for men to prevent domestic violence

Operation Maria da Penha makes more than 12 thousand arrests in a month

In just one month, civil and military police officers from the 26 states and the Federal District arrested 12,396 people accused of killing or assaulting women across the country. The execution of the warrants and the arrests took place between August 29 and September 27, as part of the second edition of the so-called Operation Maria da Penha.Operation Maria da Penha makes more than 12 thousand arrests in a month

During the period, 41,600 protective measures were requested and/or granted to curb and prevent domestic and family violence against women and 75,525 police reports were registered.

The final results of the action were released today (7), in Brasília, by the Ministry of Justice and Public Security. Responsible for coordinating, at the national level, the action that involved about 220 thousand federal public security professionals from the 27 federative units, the ministry informed that the states where Dial 190 received the most reports of cases of femicide and domestic aggression were São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro – respectively, 9,416 and 5,197.

“The numbers show that we managed to save lives and take women out of this cycle of violence”, said the coordinator of the operation, Julian Rocha Pontes. In 2021, during the first edition of Operação Maria da Penha, 14,100 arrests were made and 39,800 protective measures were requested and/or issued.

In a note, the Ministry of Justice and Public Security highlighted that, in addition to the repressive aspect, the operation aims to raise awareness of society and encourage and induce the approval of public policies aimed at protecting women, in addition to encouraging the good practices implemented by states in the protection and reception of women victims of violence are reproduced.

The Maria da Penha Law (11.340/2006 constitutes domestic and family violence against women and any action or omission based on gender that results in death, injury, physical, sexual or psychological suffering and moral or property damage to the victim.

how to report

The ministry also recommends that, in case of suspicion or where the rights of any woman are violated, the victim or whistleblower should go to the nearest specialized police station. Or call 180, 190 or 197. The call is free and the service is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Ministry of Women, Family and Human Rights (MMFDH), which supports Operation Maria da Penha, also maintains the Women’s Assistance Center – Call 180, which offers listening and qualified reception to women in situations of violence, recording and forwarding denouncements, complaints, suggestions or compliments to the competent bodies.

States and social organizations also offer assistance to women in situations of violence. Click here and find out where else you can find support.

* With information from Ascom/MJSP

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