Water for more than 140 families of the Santa Rosalía parish achieves the 1×10 system

More than 140 families from the Santa Rosalía parish in Caracas celebrated the installation of 300 meters of pipes to enjoy the drinking water service, after the joint work of Hydrocapital, the mayor’s office of the Libertador municipality, State institutions and the People’s Power.

“Thanks to the 1×10 of the Good Government, we received a complaint and we responded by installing 300 meters of pipes together with the People’s Power and the Working Class of Hidrocapital, benefiting 143 homes and 715 people who inhabit it,” explained the president of the hydrological, Harol Clemente.

From the Matapalo sector of the Caracas parish, the high official thus gave the official report to the president Nicholas Maduro Moors, who was in the El Calvario pond, during a working day of the 1×10 and the Bricomiles.

Marianela Torres, spokeswoman for the Matapalo community’s Technical Water Table, thanked the Head of State and the authorities for the support received.

“The entire community appreciates the great achievement obtained, thanks to you, President, and to the Bolivarian Revolution. It is an immediate response. Thank you for this great 1×10 tool”, said the Venezuelan woman, surrounded by children, young people and residents of the sector who were celebrating the arrival of the vital liquid.

President Maduro ordered that attention to the people through the new technological tools and the implemented system be permanent.

“This has to be permanent, that’s what 1×10 is for, falling and running. Dropping the complaint, the alert and running to solve it. Falling and running the 1 × 10 of the Good Government, together with the people, building a new society of living-living, of the family, the community”, she insisted.

“The human being and the family at the center and us working for the new transition period towards Socialism of the 21st century, our socialism, Bolivarian, Christian and increasingly deeply Chavista,” he concluded.



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