National Parks opens a dialogue table with Neuquén and native communities

The National Parks Administration declared the Mapuche Natural Sacred Site to the Lann volcano Photo file
The National Parks Administration declared the Lanín volcano “Sacred Natural Mapuche Site” / Photo archive

The National Parks Administration (APN) announced the decision to form a dialogue table with the participation of the Government of Neuquén and representatives of native communities to articulate “joint management” and with a “federal sense” around the Lanín volcano, after leaving without effect the declaration of that place as “Sacred Mapuche Natural Site”.

This was reported by the agency in a Press release released this afternoon, in which he indicated that he will work “jointly on a new resolution that contemplates the federal spirit”.

“The National Parks Administration expresses its intention to continue with joint management and participatory processes, in a federal manner, with all the jurisdictions in which a national park is located,” he stated.

In the text, the National Parks Administration highlighted that Neuquén “is an example of joint work and harmonious relationship with the Mapuche Communities within the territory”.

In this sense, he highlighted initiatives such as the development of an educational policy to promote the Bilingual Intercultural Modality and the creation of a Raguiñ Kien Intercultural Health Center in the Ruca Choroi Basin.

Neuquén “is an example of joint work and harmonious relationship with the Mapuche Communities within the territory”National Parks

“From National Parks, the co-management of the Lanín National Park has been promoted for more than a decade, and in this sense of federal articulation, the Huarpe community was recognized, along with the province of San Luis,” the statement said.

In turn, he stressed that “22 water wells were also built to benefit the native communities, together with the province of Salta, as well as the recognition and financing of the work of native women in the country’s native forests” .

National Parks maintained the importance of maintaining with the province of Neuquén “the decision-making processes that involve aspects of said protected area, taking into account that for decades the province has maintained a respectful and harmonious relationship with the original communities.”

The APN had stated “Mapuche Sacred Natural Site to the Lanín Volcano” through resolution 484 of August 3 and determined that a joint work mechanism should be created with that town for the elaboration of a management plan for the place.

Governor Omar Gutierrez He described this resolution as “unilateral and without consultation” on Thursday and assured that it was “an outrage against the provincial autonomies, another act of centralism and interference.”

Meanwhile, in the statement released this afternoon, the APN announced, together with the call for a dialogue table, the decision to “repeal the current resolution”, which this week had declared the place a “Sacred Natural Site”. Mapuche”.

For their part, the Mapuche communities of the Wijice and Pewence zonal councils of the Mapuche Confederation of Neuquén declared a state of “alert and mobilization in defense of the Lanín volcano as a “sacred site.”

In a statement released this Friday afternoon, they urge the Government of the Province, “Governor Omar Gutiérrez, to learn about Volcán Lanín’s proposal for a Sacred Natural Site for the Mapuche People and be encouraged to get involved in planning and projecting a Intercultural administration of the Volcano that is not only a symbol of the Province, but also represents a regulating element of life, of which we are all a part”.

At the same time, they repudiate “the media exposure of the issue by sectors whose only aim is the denial of our rights; the irrational exploitation of nature and the constant manipulation of information to feed racial hatred towards our people and culture.”

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