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"Watching the World Cup I said: ‘I like ’24’ a lot’. And I didn’t even know where he played, I had to look for him"

"Watching the World Cup I said: 'I like '24' a lot'. And I didn't even know where he played, I had to look for him"

The last months of the life of Enzo Fernandez They have been frenzied. Officialized in July 2022 as a new player of the Benfica Portuguese, his first team in the old continent, the World Cup in Qatar –where he was designated as the best young footballer– catapulted the midfielder from Saint Martin, who became the most expensive signing in Premier League history after the Chelsea will pay 121 million euros for his services.

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In only 201 days, those that elapsed between the announcement of its purchase and that of its sale, the Benfica practically tripled the 44 million euros that it paid to River Plate by a player unknown to the general public until just a few months ago.

That’s how he recognized it Marc Cucurellahis partner in the Chelseain an interview with ‘ESPN‘. “I was watching the World Cup, above all I liked to watch the games that my friends had there and I was watching Argentina because Alexis –Mac Allister- was playing and I remember that in the first game I said: ‘Wow, I like ’24’ a lot, is very good’. And I didn’t know where I was playing or anything, I had to look for it on my mobile”, explained the ex of the Brighton.

“Then I kept watching all the games and I kept saying to my family or my friends with whom I watched the game: ‘I like ’24’. And look, he just so happened to come here to Chelsea,” he added. cucurella, who was full of praise for the new ‘blue’ footballer. “He is a very good boy, I have already told him that let’s see if he prepares a barbecue for me, that he has me starving. He is very young, he is very talented, he plays very well with the ball… Then he is also smart to get it back. He is adapting, he is having very good games and I think we have a great midfielder”, concluded the Spanish international.

“Enzo Fernández is very young, he has a lot of talent, he plays very well with the ball… Then he’s also smart to get it back”

Marc CucurellaChelsea footballer

Undisputed starter at Chelsea

Since landing at Stamford Bridge, Enzo He has played nine games -all of them as a starter-, in which he has not yet managed to debut as a scorer but he has distributed two assists, in the league duels against Westham and Leicester City.

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