VTV offers useful and necessary communication in its 58-year history

On the occasion of the 58th anniversary of the channel for all Venezuelans, Venezuelan Television (VTV)on behalf of the workers of this television plant, the journalist Janet Girón highlights that VTV is a channel that provides the people of Venezuela with “useful and necessary communication”, this being what “differentiates us from other channels” in the country.

In this sense, Girón, with 19 years of experience in our channel, highlights that Venezuelan Television it is “a house for all its workers”. She was part of the group of employees who came out to defend the canal when an opposition coalition attacked the facilities in 2016.

For her part, the Executive Vice President of Production of VTV, Verónica Chacón, expresses that “everyone who enters VTV goes through everything; VTV opens doors for you and connects you in the areas you want to project. This is the tasty thing about the channel: that it doesn’t matter what you started with, every day you will have something to learn”.

Likewise, it highlights that the success of these 58 years of the channel stems from the people who make up VTV.

“Television is already done, but renewing television is the real challenge, especially in revolution. When our values, paradigms and communication are directed, without a doubt, to another vision and project for the country, different from what we were used to 30 years ago”, Chacón pointed out.

In addition, he noted that Venezuelan Television It is the communicational spearhead, due to its high investment in technology, to offer Venezuelans quality television.

He also added that new audiovisual projects will be added to the programming grid during the month of August.

The producer Zulimar Millán, part of the creative team of the program Good vibeshighlights that “VTV it is a school for everyone”, from journalists to technical staff. For what he points out to the body of workers of this television plant, as “a great family”, which makes “the screen we have” possible.


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