Exposición de Raul Cordero en España. Foto: perfil de Instagram del artista.

Visual arts: Cuban Raúl Cordero exhibits in Spain

the cuban artist Raul Cordero These days he is exhibiting “Slow Art for Fast Crowds”, an exhibition hosted by the Extremeño and Ibero-American Museum of Contemporary Art (Meiac), in Badajoz, until October 16, where the different creative languages ​​of the artist based in Mexico can be appreciated.

Curated by the also Cuban Omar-Pascual Castillo, the exhibition allows you to admire, among others, a selection of 11 paintings made in the last five years, seven of them part of the personal exhibition of Raúl Cordero showed at the National Museum of Fine Arts in Havana in 2019.

The Cuban-born artist is considered an exceptional figure within the visual panorama of Cuban art in the last 30 years, trained at the San Alejandro Academy and the Higher Institute of Industrial Design, as well as at the Dutch Graphic Media Development Center.

During the presentation of the exhibition, Extremadura’s General Secretary of Culture, Miriam García Cabezas, highlighted Raúl Cordero’s “versatile and transgressive character”, always at the service of “narration and telling stories under the premise of art”.

The artist is not in vain interested in the narrative capacity of the image and of art, for which he has been researching for decades and mixing art, design, technology, tradition and contemporaneity. “Slow Art for Fast Crowds” is Cordero’s third personal exhibition in a public institution in Spain, in this case to exhibit three blocks of recent works.

In addition to the 11 paintings, three video-installations can be seen, two of them unpublished, of two specific moments of his audiovisual production, as well as a connection space where an installation of lights coexists with pieces of video art and graphic records that range from photographs digital up NFT’s.

Works that provide a critical perspective of how the artist thinks and how he executes his task, which he assembles as a conglomeration of sensations and doubts, successes and random games where beauty and poetry always haunt, as has been expressed in the presentation of the exhibition. in the capital of Badajoz.

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