“Violence I will not give”: Maykel Osorbo denounces that he is in danger in prison

MIAMI, United States. — Cuban rapper and political prisoner Maykel Castillo Perezbetter known as Maykel Osorbo, publicly denounced a plot against him in the Kilo 5 y medio prison, in the province of Pinar del Río, headed by inmates of that prison who have the protection of the jailers themselves.

In an audio sent to his friend, the Cuban rapper and activist Eliecer Márquez Duany, alias “El Funky”, the inmate indicated that he has been the object of provocations to which he has tried not to give in and warned that the political police are waiting for him to respond with violence to retaliate against you.

Maykel Osorbo recently confronted one of the prison inmates, who was identified as Abelardo, who has a gang that operates clandestinely under the protection of the prison authorities. In statements offered to CubaNet“El Funky” explained that they are inmates with long sentences and that they have created a kind of mafia in prison.

“All these characters have businesses inside the prison. They are preparing a kind of ‘bed’ to beat up Maykel so that he can be released from that jail since Maykel has a camera that constantly monitors him. They don’t want it there,” he maintained.

For both “El Funky” and Maykel there is no doubt that the political police are behind this conspiracy.

“Behind this are the hands of State Security. We are making this public. Whatever can happen, the last culprits are State Security and the Castro regime,” said the rapper, winner of two Latin Grammys in 2021 for being one of the authors and performers of homeland and life.

For his part, Maykel Osorbo assured that, despite the threats, he has remained calm and will not respond to any provocation.

“I am in my place, doing things as they are, but the problem exists, and it has been explained twenty times. I’m not going to do anything else. Violence I am not going to give”, said the political prisoner regarding the actions of the prison authorities.

Maykel Osorbo was sentenced to nine years in prison in June 2022 for the alleged crimes of contempt, attack, public disorder and defamation of institutions and organizations, heroes and martyrs.

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