Vintage presenta su nueva versión ¡Vintage beauty salón! 

Vintage presents its new version Vintage beauty salon!

Santo Domingo – Vintage Beauty center is a beauty salon that has been in the market for almost 6 years. Vintage has been a dream that was born after her CEO Gabriela Fariñas emigrated from her native Venezuela to the Dominican Republic together with her mother Emperatriz Eduardo, who was a fundamental pillar of the growth of this project.

Between the two of them they have traveled these almost 6 years of Vintage and after this time they have decided to fork their paths and her mother has given way to Gabriela to continue walking this path hand in hand with her collaborators and now they have joined this project a new team of experts and trained in the area that together with our team of years make up the new version of Vintage Beauty Center.

In the same sense, Vintage brings good news to its public and is the launch of our hair care line called “Vintage Beauty Cosmetic”, something that had been in the pipeline for a long time, but the opportunity had not been given and with this new beginning we decided incorporate it to give the perfect complement to our service.

This line is made with the most noble and ideal ingredients for our hair. Coconut and argan oil are the protagonists of this line. It is a line intended for hair reconstruction and repair, providing shine and softness to it.

The spearhead of our new Vintage is the incorporation of specialized aesthetic services for the face at the hands of Dr. Karina Coral. She is of Colombian nationality with high studies in Canada and her native country, she specialized in facial rejuvenation, facial fillers and the like.

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