Deputies reject the repeal of the Media Law and modify the article on internet licenses

Deputies reject the repeal of the Media Law and modify the article on internet licenses


With the votes of the Broad Front, Open Cabildo and the Colorado Party, the Chamber of Deputies rejected the National Party’s proposal, included in the Rendering of Accounts, to repeal the Media Law.

The deputy of the Broad Front Carlos Varela explained that the Industry Commission is studying a bill sent by the Executive Power and it is not reasonable that with a single article of the Rendering of Accounts a Law of 202 articles that is in force and that, although it needs updates, it is not convenient to replace it with decree-laws from the time of the dictatorship.

The representative from Frente Amplio remarked that the FA did not accompany article 56 that met the request of cable operators for data transmission and internet, because there are technical details that currently do not allow, due to its wording, to accompany it. As it was written, it was not intended only for cable channels in the interior.

Varela remarked that the intention is to continue studying the Media Law.

Article 56 (prohibition of cross-ownership) prevented cable companies (excluding DirecTV, Claro TV and Cablevisión in the Metropolitan Area) from providing internet service.

Through the new article it is established that “the owners of television audiovisual communication services for subscribers that operate through cable will have the right to request licenses to provide broadband services and internet access, through the use of their own networks, developments futures or resources contracted with third parties, in the same area of ​​coverage as that of their respective license”.

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