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Former President of the Republic, Horacio Cartes, sent a message to his “dear friend” Benjamin Netanyahu, who was sworn in as Prime Minister of Israel this Thursday.


“Today the dear friend @netanyahu takes office as prime minister of Israel. From Paraguay, my best wishes in this new period at the head of a sister nation”, Wrote former President Cartes through his social networks.

Benjamin Netanyahu was sworn in as Israel’s prime minister on Thursday. four years after his departure, after obtaining the confidence of the deputies to his new government, the most right-wing in the country’s history.

A total of 63 of the 120 members of the Knesset voted in favor of Netanyahu’s government, made up of his party, the Likud (right), along with two ultra-Orthodox parties and three far-right parties.

Winner of the legislative elections on November 1, Netanyahu presented his ministerial team to the deputies, before the confidence vote in parliament, where your coalition has the majority of seats.

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Netanyahu announced the appointment of former Intelligence Minister Eli Cohen as head of diplomacy. The day before, he had indicated that Yoav Gallant, a former officer considered close to the pro-settlement movement in the occupied West Bank, would get the defense portfolio.

In addition, Minister Amir Ohana was elected the new Knesset speaker, a first for an openly gay deputy in that country.

The mission of the government will be “frustrate Iran’s efforts to acquire a nuclear arsenal”, “guarantee Israel’s military superiority in the region” Y “widen the circle of peace” with the Arab countries, Netanyahu declared before Parliament.

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Netanyahu, 73, is Israel’s longest-serving prime minister, with fifteen years divided into two terms (1996-1999 and 2009-2021).

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