MEF: Conflicts in December generated losses of S/1,000 million

MEF: Conflicts in December generated losses of S/1,000 million

The head of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF), Alex Contreras, reported that the generated in December meant losses of around S/1,000 million, which would have subtracted one percentage point from the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the last month of the year.

The stoppage, explained the official, caused sales through electronic payment vouchers to fall. If holidays are excluded, as of December 26, average daily sales totaled S/4,660 million, below S/4,989 million in 2021.

In the same way, he detailed that there was damage to public and private infrastructure, although he pointed out that the impact on inflation was minimal.

Given these economic losses, the MEF presented “Con Punche Perú”, a program whose purpose is the reactivation of the family, regional and sectoral economy, and whose estimated investment is S/5.900 million.

There are a total of 19 short-term measures, which are expected to be implemented in a period of six months. The impact it will have on GDP is 1.2 percentage points in the first half of 2023. In addition, it is expected to generate 130,000 jobs.

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The measures included in the program are the following:

1. Exceptionally and only once, a subsidy of S/200, S/250 and S/300 will be granted in favor of the users of the Juntos Program, Pensión 65, Contigo, artisans, among others.

2. Strengthening of the Common Pots program.

3. Acceleration of the natural gas expansion program.

4. Extraordinary accompaniment to the new management teams in regional and local governments.

5. Expansion of financing options for managers Serve for regional and local governments.

6. Financing of rapid execution optimization, marginal expansion, rehabilitation and replacement (IOARR) investments.

7. Financing of rapid execution investment projects.

8. Financing of the status report on paralyzed public works.

9. Promotion of the Invest Fund for Territorial Development (FIDT) for municipalities with lower incomes and greater needs.

10. Training budgeted in public-private associations (APP).

11. Additional resources for priority interventions.

12. Accompaniment and release of mining projects that represent a portfolio of US$10,555 million.

13. Increase in the budget of the Family Housing Bonus for the affected regions.

14. Reactivation of Chavimochic III and Majes Siguas II.

15. Extension of the validity and term for the rescheduling of Reactiva Perú, FAE-Texco and FAE Turismo.

16. Temporary release of detraction accounts.

17. Boost to the agriculture sector.

18. Boost to the tourism sector.

In addition, there is the S/200 bonus for public officials, servants and pensioners.


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