Videos |  Roger Waters on Mujica: "This man is a great hero"

Videos | Roger Waters on Mujica: “This man is a great hero”

The British musician, Roger Waters, one of the pillars of world rock and a human rights activist, came face to face virtually with the former president and former senator, José Muijica, whom he described as a “hero”, and they had a conversation in which they exchanged some opinions.

Waters, co-founder of Pink Floyd, confessed to being an admirer of the former president, and will be the narrator of a documentary that is being made about Mujica, by Saúl Alvídrez (director of the documentary “Chosmky and Mujica”). “I am very happy, even to be in virtual form, because he is a great hero to me,” he said.

Mujica responded by saying that he is “just a Passian with some reading and very stubborn.”

Waters went on to say that “the labor movement continues, it barely keeps its head above water, but it does, and that means a lot to all of us who believe that we have to act collectively as human beings, or we are going down (…) So that it is a beacon of light sitting there,” he said, referring to Mujica.

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