[Video] They reveal how the ELN trains minors to attack the Army

[Video] They reveal how the ELN trains minors to attack the Army


A report by the Ombudsman’s Office published a couple of months ago revealed that In the last two years, 104 children and adolescents have been forcibly recruited by illegal armed groups that commit crimes in the country.

At the same time, it became known that the main perpetrators of most of these acts of armed violence they are the dissidents of the FARC and the ELN. However, it must be remembered that the underreporting of this crime can be very great, because due to fear of reprisals with minors, many families remain silent.

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Precisely, this Sunday several videos of how andThe ELN trains minors to attack uniformed members of the National Army.

Noticias RCN published the videos that were seized from the ELN in a recent military operation, in which it is seen how this guerrilla trains minors in military techniques for combat and thus confront the Military Forces.

You can see how they are trained in hand-to-hand combat, the use of rifles and how to stab in an agile and ruthless way.

According to military intelligence, The videos were recorded in an ELN camp in Venezuela, right on the border with Norte de Santander and Arauca.

In the following link you can see the report and described videos.

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