Video: Street dweller plays greedy and causes nostalgia among many adults

Video: Street dweller plays greedy and causes nostalgia among many adults

In a video that is circulating on social networks it has gone viral in the last few hours. The images show a man, apparently a street dweller, with a bag of recycled material. The man sees a painted goloss in a street and does not hesitate to put aside the bag and get ready to play. The scene caused nostalgia among hundreds of Internet users, remembering that we all carry a child inside.

Although it is unknown in what part of Colombia was the scene captured, the truth is that it was in the country because of the license plate of the vehicle that appears in the recording.

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Many Internet users claim that the man lost the game, because he stepped on the gluttonous line, which is not allowed in that game. It is noteworthy that this game has a wide variety of rules and ways of drawing. It is basically a set of pigeonholes that are drawn on the ground, for usually by means of a piece of chalk.

The video has been broadcast on Twitter and already has more than 1.2 million views and comments such as: “Very chimba and everything, but he scratched the ground and lost.”

How do you play goloss?

To play you must trace the 12 lockers that go from earth to heaven. A rock or soda cap is thrown progressively into the sky, starting with one.

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Likewise, this game requires players to have very good balance. They must jump with only one leg and where the two squares or squares are together they can support their two legs, one on each square.

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