INBA professors condemn acts of violence that occurred last Tuesday

INBA professors condemn acts of violence that occurred last Tuesday

Teachers from the Barros Arana National Boarding School (INBA) presented a public statement after the acts of violence that took place this Tuesday, April 19, in the surroundings of the establishment.

These events involved the burning of a Red public transport bus (former Transantiago), added to the complaint by the rector of the establishment, Gonzalo Saavedrawho stated that he had been assaulted in said incident.

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Under this line, the teaching staff communicated through their representative, Esteban Abarcathat “in view of the events that occurred on Tuesday, April 19, the teaching staff of the Barros Arana National Boarding School stated: as teachers, we reject any act of violence against any member of the school community.”

“Our rector, Mr. Gonzalo Saavedra Henríquez, and other officials were attacked in the context of a violent episode that occurred on the outskirts of our establishment: the burning of a second public transportation bus so far this year, carried out by a small group that hides in anonymity,” added Abarca.

“We express our deepest support for the rector and the members of the community, who were cowardly attacked. Likewise, we extend our solidarity to all those who have had their rights violated and have seen the possibility of carrying out their work and school activities in a conducive environment for the development of the teaching-learning process”, concluded the intervention of the teacher’s representative.

Student response

The students also made a public statement of the facts, denouncing abandonment by the authorities.

“As students of the Barros Arana National Boarding School, we want to express our concern about the current situation that our high school is experiencing, such as the precariousness of education, and where, in addition, for many years the minimum conditions to live and study have not existed,” said Alonso Faúndez , representative of the students.

“But this is not new. Since the previous administrations we have been abandoned. The INBA was left to its own devices. The conditions are precarious, from the poor feeding conditions of the boarding students, to having eight students with gastroenteritis due to the poor state of the milk, added to the fact that we have infrastructure problems that are various and that have been denounced over the years in the petitions delivered to the Directorate of Education,” he added.

Finally, the student representative demanded solutions from the authorities and urged the Minister of Education, Marco Antonio Avilato visit the venue.

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