[Video] Shakira's ex-partner says that "it is impossible to work with her"

[Video] Shakira’s ex-partner says that "it is impossible to work with her"

Recently a strong statement went viral against Shakirain which a woman claims to have lived a bad experiencewhile working with the singer.

In an interview for a media outlet in Spain, Cristina Cárdenas, coordinator of extras in the filmingassured that the Colombian has some negative behaviors in the middle of the recordings, commenting that “You can’t look at Shakira, you can’t take photos of her, you can’t talk to her, you can’t talk to her, it’s strictly prohibited.”.

The accusations against the artist continue “she is Madonna. A Shakira spot, which could last four hours due to the shots, it takes seventeen hours”. In addition, Cárdenas adds that despair to the attendees “producer, directors, everyone”.

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The revelations were more forceful when the coordinator says that on some occasions, if a woman stands out more than her check out the recording “Not you, you were, like that pointing with the finger”

Apart from this, the woman ends by saying that “it is impossible to work with her. Nobody wants to go to shoot with Shakira. The figuration is dying of disgust, the team is desperate”.

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