São Paulo has a weekend with vaccination against four diseases

Rio vaccines against flu people from priority groups from 50 to 59 years old

The city of Rio de Janeiro began to vaccinate this Monday (9) against the flu priority groups from 50 to 59 and health workers. Vaccination of this age group occurs until next Saturday (14). People from groups included in previous weeks may also be immunized.Rio vaccines against flu people from priority groups from 50 to 59 years old

The Municipal Health Department (SMS) released a note that draws attention to the low adherence to vaccination, even with the proximity of winter. Respiratory infections, such as the flu, spread more frequently at lower temperatures and less ventilated environments.

According to the city’s epidemiological observatory, only 39% of seniors aged 60 and over and 17% of children between 6 months and 4 years of age have been vaccinated so far. SMS reinforces the severity of the disease, which can lead to death.

The flu campaign ends on June 3.

Next week, priority groups aged between 40 and 49 will be immunized. Priority groups include quilombolas and indigenous communities, the population deprived of their liberty, people with permanent disabilities, with chronic non-communicable diseases and other special clinical conditions, in addition to education workers, the prison system, the security and rescue forces, port workers, employees in the road transport of urban and long-distance passengers, truck drivers and members of the Armed Forces.

SMS points out that there is no need for an interval between the flu vaccine and the covid-19 vaccine, except for children aged 5 to 11 years with comorbidities. In these cases, you will need to wait a period of 14 days between vaccinations.

People who have had covid-19 must wait at least four weeks after the onset of symptoms or testing positive, in asymptomatic cases, to be vaccinated. If the person has symptoms suggestive of covid-19, the secretary recommends that they look for a health unit to take the test and postpone the flu vaccination until full clinical recovery.

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