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Video: Man saved from death after being ‘stamped’ by a truck on a wall

One of the great phrases in life is “when it doesn’t even touch you, even if you put on”, and it was precisely what happened in the recent days to a man in Guatapé (Antioquia), where people have pointed out that what happened was a true miracle.

In a video recorded by the security cameras of a commercial premises, they were able to notice the moment in which an older man He is sitting outside a store in this municipality that is recognized for its high tourist attraction.

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However, there was something that caught the attention, and it is that in the small clip it is possible to appreciate how a truck that apparently loses control in reverse, bumps and guts this man against the wall of the establishment repeatedly.

But what has impressed the most is that moments later the man is helped by some people who try to stop the van and push it forward so that the man does not suffer more blows.

Immediately afterwards on the floor, they pull him and sit him down far from danger in which everyone is clearly completely shocked by what happened and seeks to help him directly. It was when they were surprised to see that this subject had been completely unharmed, after the shock impacts it received. Some time later the affected had to be transferred to a health center.

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The images that quickly became viral, left all kinds of comments, in which Internet users did not hesitate to show all their astonishment and with comments such as “God is great and powerful”, “God and his power, let there be no doubt” and “when it’s not your turn, don’t even put it on and when it’s your turn, even if you take it off. Glory to God”, the people let see that this was really a miracle.

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