Léo Péricles proposes renationalization of privatized companies

Campaigning at the Ver-o-Peso Market, in Belém, the candidate for the Presidency of the Republic of the Popular Unity (UP) party, Léo Péricles, presented today (23) points of his government program. He highlighted the renationalization of public companies that were privatized.Léo Péricles proposes renationalization of privatized companiesLéo Péricles proposes renationalization of privatized companies

“We reaffirm the banner of renationalization of privatized companies so that the federal government and the people can regain control over these very important riches that are our waters and our energy”, said the candidate in close contact with small traders and workers. of the traditional market in the port region.

Still in the capital of Pará, Péricles and his candidate for vice president, Samara Martins, have a meeting at 6 pm with the women of the Rayana Alves Occupation, organized by the Olga Benário Women’s Movement.

According to the movement, the occupation was carried out in a building where an old state school used to work and which has been abandoned for seven years, in the neighborhood of Batista Campos. According to the organizers, this place will be a space that will guarantee psychological, legal and social shelter for women victims of violence in the region.

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