[Video] 'Kira', the heroine dog who prevented an armed robbery in Huila

[Video] ‘Kira’, the heroine dog who prevented an armed robbery in Huila

Since time immemorial, we have heard the popular phrase ” The dog is man’s best friend “. And it is that furry ones offer unconditional love and friendship, accompanying their owner regardless of the setting and the situation.

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This week, a video went viral that is the living example of what was described above. In the recording it is seen how a dog prevents her owner’s store from being robbed.

The incident occurred in the Las Américas neighborhood of the municipality of Pitalito in Huila. It is seen when a thief points a gun at the owner of the establishment, who begins to scream for help, but the reaction of the dog, called ‘Kira’, surprised the thief.

‘Kira’, no matter the danger, seeing her owner worried about the theft, she barked at the thief and tried to bite him. The criminal does not expect this, he tries to kick the animal, but seeing the aggressiveness of ‘Kira’ he preferred to flee without committing the crime.

I am amazed at the courage she had, because as you could see in the video the thief kicked her, attacked her, but she did not stop and was always defending me, “said Tatiana Avendaño, owner of Kira, who revealed that as a reward she now lets the pet get on the sofa, since it was previously prohibited.

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Here is the video of the heroic action:

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