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Video: Juan Manuel Méndez does not lose his passion for karaoke and takes his little steps

Video: Juan Manuel Méndez no pierde su pasión por el karaoke y tira sus pasitos

The director of Emergency Operations Center (COE), Juan Manuel Méndez, does not lose his passion for karaoke, and showed his followers on social networks how he spends it when his “deserved rest” arrives after weeks of non-stop work.

An video that the general (retired) published on his Instagram account shows how he takes his bachata steps as he prepares to sing “Amor a medio tiempo”, the late bachatero Yoskar Sarante.

“Now it’s my turn, thanks to my God, a day of rest, after three weeks from Sunday to Sunday,” said the director of the COE next to the video where he shows his skills as a singer.

The graphic material immediately received more than 20,000 likes and hundreds of comments from people who expressed their affection.

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In the profile of «the COE man«, as many citizens identify him, it can be seen that the general is passionate about this activity, which he almost always practices at home with family members.

Earlier in the year, Méndez was seen dancing and singing in another video.

In the audiovisual, the director of the COE shows his energetic side, with a “sport” and always smiling face, distanced from the serious image that he usually presents in his speeches before public opinion, typical of his role at the head of COE.

«That man is happy. He responsibly serves his country and his responsibilities, gives and seeks happiness to his friends, family and relatives. He doesn’t have faces. He is authentic. Few like him. I value and admire him with respect. Having a friend like that is a blessing.“A citizen commented on his Twitter account.

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