Video: Dog turned on the stove to heat a pan with food and caused a tremendous fire

Video: Dog turned on the stove to heat a pan with food and caused a tremendous fire

A video that has become viral in the last hours through social networks has generated tenderness and shock in some of the Internet users, after a dog tried to heat on the stove, a frying pan that contained some leftovers to eat it, unaware that this action would cause a large fire in the house.

The fact that happened in a house located in Missouri (United States), shows how the pet stands on two legsand giving himself mornings, manages to light the flame of the stove, to heat the food that is in the container.

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Then the dog retreats and stays on the ground, while some edible elements begin to generate smoke and later a large flame comes out of the stove generating a fire.

Experts in fire protection mentioned that this occurred because new technologies allow there to be appliances that can only be started up with a finger print, therefore, at the moment that the dog approaches its paw, it manages to turn on the stove. For this reason, they have asked for caution when leaving children and pets alone at home.

Although many users of social networks have been concerned about the well-being of the pet, it was learned that, fortunately, this did not happen to majors and that the health status of “chef firulais”, as the puppy was called, is optimal.

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However, millionaire losses were presented. And they also left humorous comments for the action of the puppy.

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