Video: Community unceremoniously lynched and burned the motorcycle of a thief who had stolen a woman

Video: Community unceremoniously lynched and burned the motorcycle of a thief who had stolen a woman

Insecurity in Bogotá continues to be one of the citizens’ headaches, who, Tired of thieves, on many occasions they tend to take justice into their own hands.

This is how it happened in the last hours in the town of Engativá, after a thief who was traveling on a motorcycle, was unceremoniously beaten by the communitywhen they realized that he had committed a robbery in the raponazo modality.

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These events occurred in the afternoon hours of last Tuesday, September 20, at the time when the subject would have shaved the cell phone of a person who was moving through the sector. But in the middle of trying to escape, he lost control of the motorcycle and ran over an elderly man.

Once this criminal fell to the ground, he was hit by several people who live in the area, who realized what had happened, and without saying a word, began throwing fists and kicks in a new case of vigilante justice.

The inhabitants of this neighborhood were so enraged that they continued to beat him, leaving the thief in a delicate state of healthso he had to be transferred to a care center.

But the blows were not enough, since the people also set the motorcycle on which this thief was traveling on fire, and they almost generated a tragedy, since it explodedbut fortunately this did not happen to majors.

Minutes later, members of the Metropolitan Police responded to the scene and managed to control the residents of the sectorwho prevented the lynching from continuing, which nearly ended the life of the accused.

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This strong aggression was recorded in a sector security camera that evidenced the robbery, the accident, and the severe beating that this offender received.

So far it is unknown the state of health of the man involved in the theft and, likewise, it has not been confirmed by the Police if they have made arrests for violating this man.

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