Ciro defends strategic convergence for development

Ciro defends strategic convergence for development

At an event today (20), in Campinas (SP), the candidate for the Presidency of the Republic by the PDT, Ciro Gomes, spoke of “making a strategic convergence” in favor of the country’s development. According to him, China is an example of this, along with the United States. Ciro points out that these countries knew how to combine a strong State and a strong private initiative to achieve growth.Ciro defends strategic convergence for development

The candidate said that it is necessary to “end the stupid ideological battle that today prevents us from reasoning with our own intelligence”, in a criticism of extreme political spectrums, both on the right and on the left. “The world that has achieved civilizing success has banished ideological extremisms and managed to achieve strategic convergence. Sometimes strict, like the Chinese one, sometimes covenantal, like the American one,” he said.

Ciro defended this development at the junction of a strong State and private initiative, in addition to a university capable of producing technological solutions. According to him, China started to grow economically when “it got rid of the statist economy strictu sensu and founds a powerful private initiative, without giving up the indeclinable task of the State of providing infrastructure, establishing technological advance”.

In a meeting held by the Brazilian Association of Supermarkets (Abras), Ciro also defended the strengthening of national investment. “The idea that if we comply with the international good guy manual is completely false, foreign capital will come to Brazil’s aid. This has never happened in the history of any nation,” he said.

The PDT candidate also criticized what he called the “external dependence” experienced by Brazil, and set an example in the area of ​​health. “In health alone, we import US$ 17 billion a year. In round numbers, we are talking about R$ 100 billion in lost savings, financing jobs for China, India and Europe in things that the government itself pays for, buys and distributes here like medicine”.

Greater investment in national production and an end to extremism are part of a tripod proposed by Ciro to increase the country’s development. The third factor will be, according to Ciro, “investment in people”.

Tomorrow (21), at 10 am, the candidate will participate in a sabbath promoted by the newspaper Estadão and the consultancy Faap. At night, Ciro gives an interview to a podcast.

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