video boy "stick it partner" it did get to the ID and that’s how it looks today

“Péguelo partner, Péguelo!”, is one of the phrases of a well-remembered video that went viral through social networks, and that its protagonist is a boy, who, with a very particular dress, simulates a fight and an apparent theft of a cell phone. Even in a moment he manages to lift his shirt and grabbing his chest mentions “stick the knife”drawing a lot of laughter from Internet users.

Well, eight years after this viral video, Kevin Sánchez, a friend and the person in charge of recording the little film at the time, shared through his social networks a photograph in which he is seen with his childhood friend and who became very popular for this fact.

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With a description in which the video is now just an old and pleasant memory, Sánchez described “A few years ago I recorded the video of “Péguelo Socio” and now we share that memory over a good beer”showing the change that the little one has had and that, without a doubt, has surprised everyone.

However, between some laughs the protagonist of “ñerito de la loma”, affirmed that he is already of legal age and that this is just a memory of a fun time they had with their friends, and they never thought it would go so viral.

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