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#FreeZone | Fresh air to the president

Despite the good results, the president was almost without emotion. Even thoughtful, about the defeat of his eternal adversaries. In the few minutes –compared to other mornings- that he offered to talk about election day, he said: “The people are a lot of pieces, what I have always said, and they refuse to accept our adversaries; I should no longer be giving them advice or I would have to put up a sign that every consultation causes fees, but they should review their strategy (…) it affects them a lot, I tell you honestly, their classism and racism ” .

AMLO knows perfectly well that he has control of “his voters.” What is even surprising about them is that the vast majority have benefited from some form of government support. On average, more than 50% of Mexicans over the age of 30 voted for Morena; however, in states such as Quintana Roo, Hidalgo and Oaxaca, they were almost 70%.

This fresh wind for the president has made him go beyond the country.

The leadership that López Obrador holds in Latin America has made him make an extremely strong decision: not to attend the Summit of the Americas, to be held in Los Angeles, California. This, for not having invited the dictatorships of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua to the event.

Morena wins 4 of 6 states and will govern more than half of Mexicans

López Obrador’s relationship with the United States has been so strange that even people from his closed circle have had to come out to defend him, contradicting his relationship with Donald Trump; the republican party; the visit to Washington in full presidential elections; the attack by some members of the National Guard on migrants; the omission to congratulate the victory of Joe Biden; to then reestablish relations and, now, reject his invitation.

“Summit to Americas, for what?” asks the inhabitant of the National Palace. He attacks a kind of “world order”, a factional current, which has been used as a conspiracy theory. “Who authorizes one nation to exclude another? Is there a world government?” asks the Tabascan. Knowing that he personally has won another battle for the new group of leftist presidents, who will soon be joined by Brazil, Colombia and others.

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