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Victims of Fernando Bécquer respond to the troubadour

MADRID, Spain.- Women who denounced the Cuban troubadour Fernando Bécquer for sexual abuse last December issued a new complaint in opposition to the impunity of the musician.

“Today we denounce that survivors are re-victimized by you, who abused us. Meanwhile, you continue to flaunt impunity and the power of being a man, religious and with the protection and legitimacy that a stage gives you”, exposes a letter published in Facebook by the feminist platform Yo Sí Te Creo in Cuba.

The document is also signed by María Santucho (Coordinator of the Pablo de la Torriente Brau Cultural Center), Ailynn Torres Santana (Academician and feminist activist), Marta María Ramírez (Cuban freelance journalist and feminist), Franci Sánchez Zambrano (Feminist and activist-Venezuela ), Kianay Anandra Pérez (Journalist), Sandra Álvarez Ramírez (Psychologist and feminist), Verónica Gago (Researcher and member of the collective “Ni Una Menos”-Argentina) and the “Eva Tropa” network.

The text highlights that the testimonies and the ties between them show his guilt, although “he denied it and continues to deny it.”

“You hid, you changed the name and privacy of your social networks. But there is no return. We are not going to stop until the entire society, the world of trova, religion and each country you visited finds out what you have done,” the women say, accusing him of committing “sexual crimes using his power as a man and of religious”.

The complainants also refer to many more cases of “women who have not yet been able to speak” but were also violated by the troubadour during “twenty years of sexual predation.”

“We know that you surely left, in each country you went, more women attacked. All we can find will have our support. For all of them we will continue to seek justice, social justice, criminal justice, psychological justice. If the institutions that should condemn your actions publicly do not do so, we will seek our reparation in social condemnation, without giving up the legal justice, “concludes the letter.

This document is written shortly after Fernando Bécquer will publish on Facebook a message addressed to women who criticized the musician José Luis Cortés, who died on April 18 and who was accused in 2019 by the singer Dianelys Alfonso, known as The Goddess of Cuba, for verbal, physical and sexual abuse.

“Find a husband or a wife that you like and respect the memory of the teacher José Luis Cortés,” said Bécquer in said message.

Victims of Fernando Bécquer respond to the troubadour

Last December, the magazine The sneeze posted a reportage in which five Cuban women denounced the sexual abuse suffered at the hands of the troubadour Fernando Bécquer. Since then, new testimonies have come to light from women who have joined the complaint.

At the end of last December, the official media Cubadebate reported that the Cuban troubadour was under “an investigative process involving the National Revolutionary Police (PNR), the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) and the corresponding courts.”

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