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Victim of assassins accused six bullet wounds: The shooter was a professional

This afternoon after completing the autopsy, six 38 mm caliber projectiles were extracted from the victim’s body, what caught the attention of the investigators was the precision of the shots that, as seen in the video, were in motion from a motorcycle.

Catalino Leguizamón accused all the projectiles in his chest and according to what could be seen the men who were traveling on a motorcycle and followed him along the Décima Proyectada street and the shooter who was a passenger on the bicycle took out a weapon and when passing next to the vehicle in which the sixty-year-old was traveling opened fire repeatedly.

The precision of his shots meant that all the impacts hit Leguizamón, who died at the wheel of his vehicle. The assassins turned a corner and fled.

According to the data, Catalino Leguizamón is a native of Pedro Juan Caballero, but he came to settle in Asunción, in 1993 he was imprisoned for homicide, he was behind bars for 15 years, he regained his freedom in 2009.

Leguizamón started a family and dedicated himself to the sale of meat, cheese and honey, today he was shot dead, at the moment there is no further information on the motive for the incident, but what is clear is that the assassins were not improvised, but professionals.



The entrance Victim of assassins accused six bullet wounds: The shooter was a professional was first published in diary TODAY.

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