Betssy Chávez blames Corpac for the strike: "The ministry never authorized that"

Minister of Labor asks Corpac and air traffic controllers to dialogue to avoid a strike

To avoid a new strike that harms passengers, such as the one that occurred in the middle of Holy Week, the (MTPE), requested that Corpac reach an agreement with air traffic controllers.

He indicated that, to date, he has unofficially learned of a probable stoppage of air traffic controllers.

It is important that both the Corpac board and the union sit down and discuss so as not to have the consequences of April 14”, expressed the minister in statements to the press after appearing before the Labor Commission of Congress.

Along these lines, Chavez rejected the stoppage carried out by air traffic controllers on April 14at Easter, since it harmed a large number of tourists.

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The official commented that her sector declared the air traffic controllers’ strike illegal because it interrupted the provision of a basic service such as passenger transport.

Until April 13, the day before the wildcat strike, they sat down and did not reach any agreement. On the 14th, at 7 in the morning, we received notifications from Sunafil indicating that the payroll indicated by the Union had not been complied with (by maintaining the service), which is why we declared the strike illegal.”, he pointed out.

air traffic controller salary

Regarding the salaries of air traffic controllers, which can reach up to S/ 60,000 for bonuses and overtime, Minister Chavez pointed out that there should be more personnel.

Here, both Corpac and the union have to figure out how not to depend on a few”, he expressed.

Minimum wage

On the other hand, Betssy Chavez He referred to the increase in the Minimum Vital Remuneration (RMV) from S/ 930 to S/ 1,025 and remarked that it was based on technical criteria.

What was done from the Labor portfolio is a quasi-experimental study, taking into account what happened in 2016 and 2018, nobody foresaw the situation of a pandemic. For example, in Chile in 2020, when the pandemic began to date, four minimum wage increases were made, so for this increase we took into account various indicators, prior to reports we collected from the INEI and the MEF”, he asserted.

As is known, the increase in the RMV will be effective from May 1 of this year.

Work code

Regarding the Labor Code, the head of the MTPE indicated that she is in the stage of socializing its content, in order to make it known and collect contributions within a period of 20 calendar days, counted from April 13.

Then, as he said, will come the stage of systematization of contributions and the final approval, in Congress.


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