Vice-presidential formulas speak of agrarian reform and pensions

Vice-presidential formulas speak of agrarian reform and pensions

This Wednesday, March 30, the first debate of the candidates for the Vice Presidency of the Republic.

The meeting was organized by the Great Digital Alliance of TIME and Week.

The debate was attended marelen castle (formula of Rodolfo Hernández, of the Anticorruption Leaders League), Rodrigo Lara Sanchez (formula of Federico Gutiérrez, of the Team for Colombia), France Marquez (formula of Gustavo Petro, of the Historical Pact), Luis Gilberto Murillo (formula by Sergio Fajardo, of the Centro Esperanza Coalition), Jose Luis Esparza (formula of Ingrid Betancourt, of the Oxygen Green Party) and Charles Fourth (formula of Enrique Gómez, of National Salvation).

We tell you about their most important proposals in economic matters.


France Marquez ensures that racism is structural and has always existed. Even by the State, “that has not allowed the ethnic population to live with guarantees of rights“.

“My presence is an act of social justice to guarantee the political participation of the historically excluded,” assured Gustavo Petro’s formula. Márquez said that there has been a historical debt with Afro-Colombians and, furthermore, it is a time to start repairing.

Yes, there has been racism, according to Rodrigo Lara. The candidate assures that it has been given through the exclusion and poverty that can be seen in the most remote regions of the country. “There is a historic debt that all Colombians must be able to build on,” he says.

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The will of the rulers is necessary to advance in solutions to this problem, Lara pointed out.

For Carlos Cuartas, he assures that racism must end. He proposes to look to the future. “That we are able to think together to resolve differences. Let’s seek consensus“, it says.

According to Marelen Castillo, Colombia is a multicultural country that must generate opportunities for all. “These scenarios are to show the country that we all have the chance to serve.r,” he says.

José Luis Esparza affirmed that there is no racism in the campaign, although they occur in regions, and it should not be a focus of attention. His party raises the recognition of ethnic populations.

Luis Gilberto Murillo assures that Colombia is a very diverse country and that the candidates show the range of that diversity in the country. “We are moving towards building an inclusive country,” she says. He accepts that there are still barriers to overcome the barriers of classism and racism.

He assures that there is also a problem of representatives of ethnic communities.


Márquez assures that as a victim of armed conflict, the way to stop the violence is Peace. For this, it is essential implementation of the Peace Agreement and the establishment of dialogue tables with other armed actors in the country. “Peace implies an institutional framework that addresses the challenges we face as Colombian society“says Francia Marquez.

For her part, Lara assures that although the Agreement is not perfect, it is a path that must be followed. “Peace managed to restore tranquility“, it says.

For those who use weapons to intimidate, they will have the full weight of the State.

According to Carlos Cuartas, it is important not to return to the past in matters of security. “We are not going to sign any more peace processes with terrorist groups,” he says. For him, the dissidences have the mechanisms to do politics legally.

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Rodolfo Hernández’s formula ensures that achieving peace requires having job opportunities. “We need an educated country that finds other life options,” he says. For her it is inexcusable that human life be attempted.

According to José Luis Esparza, it makes no sense to enter into agreements with terrorist acts. In turn, Luis Gilberto Murillo says that all those who have not breached the Peace Agreement must be punished. Also, for him, it is necessary to have more presence in the regions most affected by the conflict.

Márquez says that it is necessary to strengthen the national industry, so that food sovereignty is the priority in the country. For her, it implies acknowledging that the neoliberal economic model that has caused large gaps in terms of unsatisfied basic needs.

For Carlos Cuartas, it is important to keep in mind that extraction is important for the country’s economy and cannot be ended under the idea of ​​’false environmentalism’. For him, it is necessary to have resources to meet the needs of Colombians.


For Luis Gilberto Murillo, there is a excessive concentration of land in the country. That is why it is necessary to advance in the agrarian reform. Among his proposals, it is necessary to implement the multipurpose cadastre.

It is necessary to redistribute the land in productive areas and, at the same time, protect private property“, he assures.

Now, José Luis Esparza considers that there should be unproductive land taxes. There must also be a titling process and stop expanding the agricultural frontier for drug trafficking purposes.

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According to Marelen Castillo, it is to legalize the lands that are without title. In turn, make illicit crops productive. Along with this, make the field attractive.

Carlos Cuartas believes that in order to recover the countryside in Colombia it is important that peasants return to the field after being displaced to the big cities. He also believes that it is important that there is funding for them and opportunities to access the internet.

Finally, the lands granted to Afro and indigenous communities must begin to generate production, according to Cuartas.

For his part, Rodrigo Lara believes it is necessary to multipurpose cadastre to get to know the country. Fico Gutiérrez’s formula considers that investment in rural roads is important and therefore proposes to invest 3 billion for this purpose.

Francia Márquez is vital to give guarantees to the field in Colombia. For her, the distribution of hectares of land agreed upon in the Peace Agreement is important. At the same time, “we need to have tertiary roads, because it is useless to have a piece of land if you cannot get the products“.

Along with this, the Petro formula is essential that there be connectivity, irrigation system, research and stabilization mechanisms. Márquez says that guarantees of marketing of the products.

Luis Gilberto Murillo mentioned that the land titling It is one of the big problems in the country. For him, the productive lands in the country are large. “We believe that it is important that tradable carbon markets are implemented to mitigate climate change,” he points out.

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Regarding the subject, Luis Gilberto Murillo considers that the State serves as guardian of the savings of Colombians in the Pension funds. For this reason, they propose a basic income for those over 65 years of age. At the same time, “the incentives that concentrate inequality in pensions must be eliminated“, he assures.

The competition of private funds must also be guaranteed. For him, pensions are concentrated in a very privileged group.

However, Francia Márquez assures that the resources of the pension system are from Colombians who have contributed. However, the systems are not providing guarantees for people to access the pension. “The State has the obligation to protect those who do not manage to retire“, it says.

To do this, it proposes a subsidy for older adults who fail to retire.

For his part, José Luis Esparza considers that it is important tosustainability of pensions. He considers that more subsidies cannot be given to those who earn the most.

For Lara there is an inequity in the Colombian pension system. “I believe that public funds have to shield themselves because they have made many mistakes“, he says. In addition, Marelen Castillo said that her proposal is a subsidy to support those who cannot access a pension. For this, there are pensions that exceed fair levels.

In turn, Carlos Cuartas assures that an urgent pension reform to have a fairer system. “There is a very large inequality because there are very high pensions“, he says. He proposes that the Media Premium Regime cover at least one minimum wage. That is, savings from the hand of the State that guarantees, at least, basic food.


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